There is a famous theory that says,


"A million monkeys banging on a million typewriters will eventually reproduce the entire works of Shakespeare."


Here at Simian Books, we started our business on that theory.


First, we acquired all of the needed typewriters. Turns out, you can pick them up them pretty cheap. I guess the whole personal computer thing really squashed that industry. Although we did have to go to a ton of yard sales to actually get a million of them. And, to be honest, not all of them work properly, some have missing keys and the whole ribbon thing is just archaic... But we did eventually get the targeted number required.


Next, all we needed was the one million monkeys and we were in business. That's where we hit a snag. Without pointing any fingers, it seems

that a lot of the top animal rights organizations... well, to be honest, ALL animal rights organizations, generally frowned upon the idea of rounding up one million monkeys and conscripting them into what they interpreted as a "Forced Labor" environment.


So... Plan B. We got one guy who wanted to write a book and left him in the warehouse with all of the typewriters. We got nothing for the first month, then we realized that we didn't give him any typing paper... but he eventually he came up with a working manuscript for a children's

picture book. Not exactly Shakespeare... but hey! Give us a break. We are flying by the seat of our pants here.


Anyways, we learned that our writer guy could illustrate too! Bonus. So now we have produced a complete Children's picture book.

The best part is... get this... It's about a MONKEY!  I know... Weird.


We hope you like our debut book, "Bad Monkey Business" by Michael Hale. Look for more titles coming soon.